Based on a true story.

Fritz — one of the co-founders — had been in Asia for some time and exercised buddhism (he also became a kung fu pro at the same time!). He saw the monks drink massive amounts of green tea every day, and before long he had also become a huge fan of the green liquid. When it was time to return to Sweden he had honestly gotten a little bit bored by all the tea ceremonies. But he knew he would miss that healthy drink that gave him superior focus.

Image by Amore.

Image by Amore.

A ridiculous idea is born.



Eventually Fritz met a bunch of like minded people during his time as a student. They all wanted a healthy drink that gave them extra focus during intensive periods of studying. But they quickly realised there were no such drinks, all the energy drinks on the market were full of sugar and other bad stuff. And so in all their naivety they decided to create their own awesome drink.

The challenge in creating such a drink was that it had never been done before. They wanted the drink to give you focus and taste good, but most importantly it had to be free of ugly additives and preservatives. And they also wanted to use the best botanical ingredients they could find. To top it off they wanted to give it a touch of Zen by making it green tea based.

As luck would have it they eventually got ahold of a researcher at Harvard who was willing to help them develop a recipe. After some hard work they had a finished drink in their hands. A green tea based energy drink for everyone who wanted a better alternative to regular energy drinks.

Today and tomorrow.



It's been a couple of years since the start and today Naka Focus is appreciated by students, climbers, gamers, programmers, yogis and many more.

Naka Focus is available at cafés, shops and restaurants in Sweden. We keep expanding to new places all the time. And don't worry, we have international expansion in our sights, as well!

We are very proud of Naka Focus, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

- Fritz, Lukas and Harri