Some popular questions and our best answers.

We get a lot of questions about our drink, and here's some of the more popular ones. If you have a question that's not listed, please contact us.


How much caffeine is there in one bottle of Naka Focus?

One bottle (330ml) has 75,9mg of caffeine. It's the same amount as in one cup of coffee.

Is Naka Focus organic?

Unfortunately some of the ingredients are not organic. But we are working on it!

What is malic acid?

Malic acid is usually found in berries and fruits like apples, grapes and rhubarbs. We use malic acid - instead of the more common citric acid - to give Naka Focus some acidity.

How can Naka Focus have such a long shelf life without preservatives?

That's because it's pasteurized. Every bottle goes through a heated pasteurization tunnel that kills bacteria and micro organisms without affecting the taste.

How much steviol glycoside (stevia extract) does one bottle contain?

One bottle contains 24,75 mg of steviol glycoside. It's the best sweetener we could find, and we have added just a minimal amount to dampen the pretty strong bitterness of the green tea.

What's the difference between natural and artificial caffeine?

First off, natural is always better than artificial. Natural caffeine comes from stuff like guarana and coffee beans. Artificial caffeine is, as the name suggests, artificially produced. The majority of energy drinks on the market use artificial caffeine. Naka Focus only has natural caffeine.

Does Naka Focus really work?

Yes. Yes it does.